A unique business intelligence platform that gives organisations the confidence to reopen

Take charge of COVID-19 with our training, testing & reporting solution.

What is Saturn Pass?

Saturn Pass is a reporting dashboard, complete with a smart phone app, that allows UK businesses to take a holistic approach to COVID-19 management.

Our Business Intelligence Platform harnesses bank-grade ID verification and AI software for a robust validation process via an elegant gatekeeping solution. All the data is encrypted securely & fully GDPR compliant.

We also provide full support & training to onboard your team and ensure successful adoption of COVID testing & reporting in the workplace.

Health Status

  • Digital Wallet Compatible
  • Real Time Results
  • Reporting Dashboard
  • HR Analytics API Integrations
  • Full Operational Overview


  • Bank Grade Security
  • QR & Barcode Ecosystem
  • GDPR Compliant
  • Data Encryption
  • Tamper-Proof Test Validation


  • ISO 13485 Accreditation
  • Smart Phone App
  • Test History Overview
  • Autogenerated Test Expiry
  • Notifications & Reminders

Test Execution

  • Compatible with free NHS test kits
  • LFD Result Validation
  • Rapid Test Compatible
  • User Guidance & Training

How It Works

Self Test
Self Test
Upload Result
Upload Result
Manage your team
Manage your team
Self Test

Compatible with free NHS test kits.

Upload Result

Users carry their result in a digital wallet.


Full operational overview & reporting on COVID-19 status.

Manage your team

Make data-driven management decisions.

Test at Home

Saturn Pass is compatible with a range of tests including the free NHS home test kits.

Upload Result

Users upload & verify their result, downloading their digital certificate.

Report & React

Results are instantly available on the dashboard to enable data-driven management decisions.

Let’s get ready together

Build confidence and operate safely, with Saturn Pass.

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