A unique business intelligence platform that gives organisations the confidence to reopen

Saturn Pass, easy COVID monitoring for close contact industries.

Without a doubt, returning to manufacturing plants will be different to anything previously seen. Certainly, the return to a ‘new normal’ could be a troubling thought for Hiring Manager’s, particularly those in charge of logistics and supply chains. At Saturn Pass, we understand that your workforce may not operate from one office building. With Saturn Pass technology, you can monitor the COVID status of your workers through our Multi-Site & Department Deployment.

During the onboarding process, businesses set their custom permissions to ensure the right managers have visibility over the relevant departments & locations.

Build confidence on the factory floor.

Our experts designed Saturn Pass with one simple objective: allow businesses to keep their employees safe during the return to work, by providing a new level of data-led reassurance. 

How it works: Staff conduct a self-test at home using the Government free testing kit and simply upload their results to the Saturn Pass platform. Once uploaded, your warehouse managers can see the results of each office worker in our easy-to-read dashboard. No more filling in spreadsheets of results.

With Saturn Pass Business, you no longer have to worry about product halts due to COVID breakouts or the cost of closure. Instead, simply track, manage and report on each of your workers COVID status, before they reach your site. 

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