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Can I Use Saturn Pass With Free Government Tests?

Yes! Saturn Pass was designed for seamless integration with lateral flow testing. This means that our software is completely compatible with the NHS Rapid Tests.

Can I Use Saturn Pass With Free Government Tests?

Saturn Pass can be used with any type of rapid COVID test

Here at Saturn Pass, we describe ourselves as ‘test agnostic’, meaning you don’t need to use one particular test to use our services. The user and HR managers have complete control over which tests are chosen. We designed Saturn pass this way to help you future-proof your business - if the UK government no longer provides free testing, you are still able to use our software and dashboard services with a variety of tests.

Further test-related FAQs:

Why is my Saturn Pass valid for only a certain number of days?

Saturn Pass is designed to allow access to an organisation such as an office or other third party’s venue, for example, a football event. Therefore, you will need to test before entry can be granted. The amount of time the test is valid for is configured by organisers, according to their testing regime and government guidelines.

Why was my test result Inconclusive?

The Saturn Pass app uses artificial intelligence (AI) to enhance test result analysis, allowing you to manually input the test results.  There may be instances where a line is detected by AI where the human eye does not. In circumstances where the AI and human entered test results differ, a Saturn Pass certification cannot be issued and another Test should be taken.

I have been vaccinated, will this affect my test results?

PHE Guidance states that receiving the COVID-19 vaccine will not interfere with testing for a COVID-19 infection.

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