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How Do I Input My COVID Results On The Saturn Pass App?

Saturn Pass was created by our team of industry experts with one simple focus - allow businesses to return to normal, as safely as possible. Our software provides accurate reporting through seamless technology to give businesses the confidence to reopen.

How Do I Input My COVID Results On The Saturn Pass App?

So, How Do I Upload My COVID Test Results?


A timed request for your test result will be sent to you via email or SMS link. The link will invite first-time users to register to our dashboard.



Users will then be asked to confirm what test you are going to use. For example, the free government tests or a third-party test provider. You should then conduct your test.


Next, users will submit their test evidence: we ask for a photo of yourself and a photo of the test result displayed. You will then answer 5 short security questions.



The Saturn Pass dashboard will instantly update, informing HR managers of your results. Meanwhile, every user will receive a certificate of COVID status confirmation.


Further FAQ’s:

Can I download the APP onto my Android phone?

Saturn Pass can be installed on Android operating systems 5.0 or above (non-standard Android OS versions are not supported). Similarly, Saturn Pass software can be installed on iOS operating systems 10.0 or above, and is compatible with iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad.

Why do I need to upload a selfie picture?

The Saturn Pass is designed to be viewable by organisations and other third parties, the selfie uploaded onto the Saturn Pass dashboard allows event and office managers to validate your identity through photo ID.

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