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What is a Digital Health Passport?

By definition, a passport is a travel document issued by governments to their citizens, they certify the identity and nationality of their holder. A digital health passport, therefore, aims to display an individual's Covid test status or vaccination record, usually in the form of an app or online certification documents, to allow the freedom of movement post-pandemic.

What is a Digital Health Passport?

The theory follows that an individual proves their vaccination status via their health passport and subsequently, can engage in activities like travelling abroad, working in an office, or visiting a pub.

Without a doubt, the conversation surrounding digital health passports is becoming increasingly frequent as big names in technology and the Government have started developing their own solutions. However, as we’ve seen with disparities around testing and vaccination regulations, too many of these passports could complicate things.


What is the UK government's opinion on Digital Health Passports?

In short, the UK is yet to decide whether they want to employ digital health passports. In 2020, a review was commissioned to evaluate and analyse their effectiveness, the results of which are due to be released in June 2021. However, the UK Government tends to follow the advice of the World Health Organisation, who in April 2020, published a statement about the reliability and potential impact of Digital Health Passports to their site:


“At this point in the pandemic, there is not enough evidence about the effectiveness of antibody-mediated immunity to guarantee the accuracy of an “immunity passport” or “risk-free certificate.” People who assume that they are immune to a second infection because they have received a positive test result may ignore public health advice. The use of such certificates may therefore increase the risks of continued transmission”.

Certainly, it seems that international travel may be off the cards for a while longer, but is this also the case for UK-based plans such as returning to the office? One thing is clear, the route back to normality requires the constant monitoring of a group's COVID-19 status. 

How Can Saturn Pass Help You Monitor Your Teams COVID-19 Status?

Saturn Pass is a COVID status software solution. HR managers can easily monitor, track and record their staff’s covid status. Our management dashboard fully integrates with your operating system and does the hard work for you. Providing friendly reminders to you, the manager, and members of staff when it is time to take their next test. 

With Saturn Pass, you don’t need to worry about digital passports, you have 24/7 COVID status monitoring at the click of a button. Our team would be happy to provide a personal walk-through of our solution and answer any questions, book your demo today.